Latido 07: a new pop up art intervention at Home Hotel

Photo credit: Fabián Trigo for L A T I D O

Photo credit: Fabián Trigo for L A T I D O

A new art intervention will be held at Home Hotel, linking the new works with the previous chapter. This new exhibition will run until June 20.

Photo credit: Fabián Trigo for L A T I D O

Photo credit: Fabián Trigo for L A T I D O

Pum Pum and her designs will be in charge of the front windows of the hotel , with its characteristic imprint of street art birds. Carolina Antoniadis will intervene the garden with an exquisite and delightful work, which is to embrace the trees with garlands ceibo baked pottery.

Off The Record Collective will presents a work space that will take place at  the patio, with a modular structure of fractal thinking, made ​​of recycled wood. Monica Peralta will play with light in an abstract composition on the window in the lobby .

Photo credit: Fabián Trigo for L A T I D O

Photo credit: Fabián Trigo for L A T I D O

Lucía Álvarez , artist and director of the first gallery of contemporary textile, involving the wall of the lobby with a fabric that evokes nature. Angeles Ascua will exhibit two sculptures woven large format in the lobby , and Claudia Vivero , by courtesy of Baulo Carolina , will intervene at the ceiling of the hotel bar with a multicolor work.

A new pop art intervention at the trendiest hotel of Palermo Hollywood. Starting on the 2nd week of April. Another excuse to visit us!

Berlin LIVE: Berlin meets Buenos Aires

Berlin meets Buenos Aires

This year is the 20th anniversary of the sister-city arrangement between Buenos Aires and Berlin. It is a solemn occasion for Berlin’s Mayor Klaus Wowereit to travel to Buenos Aires and to celebrate this jubilee.  On March 31 at 7 p.m., an anniversary event under the motto “Berlin LIVE: Berlin meets Buenos Aires” will be opened by the city government of Buenos Aires, the capital’s marketing campaign be Berlin, visitBerlin and selected actors from Berlin and Buenos Aires in the Centro Metropolitano de Diseño CMD, the city’s design center.

Klaus Wowereit’s visit is special because, in addition to confirming the strong bond between Buenos Aires with such an inspiring city like Berlin, it will be the first international visit to the Design District.

From March 31 to April 9, the CMD will provide space for exciting exhibitions and presentations from Berlin as well as cooperation projects between Berlin and Buenos Aires such as: an art exhibition with the title “Icon and symbols of cultural identity. Buenos Aires – Berlin.” by the IDBerlin, an extraordinary concept of food production and urban development presented by the Markthalle Neun from Berlin-Kreuzberg, an exhibition of design objects “made in Berlin” by the International Design Festival Berlin DMY and many other projects. In the evening of March 31, the LiCHTPiRATEN will present the old fish market hall in the CMD in a whole new light, accompanied by Argentinian tango dancers.

Everyone in Buenos Aires who is interested in Berlin should visit, experience and celebrate these 20 years of successful cooperation.

Centro Metropolitano de Diseño
Algarrobo 1041 (C1293ABA)
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
(+5411) 4126-2950

Buenos Aires by Bike

Bicing is the name of a ‘community bicycle program’ in Barcelona inaugurated on March 22, 2007, similar to the Vélô service in Toulouse, and Vélib‘ in Paris.

This Bicing system or Public Bicycle Sharing System is also working in Buenos Aires: the city government lends a bicycle for free for a period of up to two hours. They can be removed in Bicing stations and be submitted in another city Bicing station.

If you’re a tourist in town, you can now use the Public Bicycle Sharing System to get to know the City in a different way. Head to the closest station, show your original passport and provide a photocopy. You will also need to leave your personal information and contact information of the place you’re staying at: address, hotel name (as applicable) and telephone number. They will take your picture and you´ll have to punch in your PIN number. You sign the affidavit accepting the terms and off you pedal!
The service is free of charge and is available Mondays through Fridays from 8 AM to 8 PM and on Saturdays from 9 AM to 3 PM..

Another option for tourists to visit and discover a different Buenos Aires is to rent a bicycle, for example with La Bicicleta Naranja or Bike tours. They have a large fleet of bicycles, perfectly suitable for street circuits. This service includes safety helmets and locks.
They also organize tours where you’ll be immersed in history, culture and current affairs of the city through the eyes of the locals.

However, whether renting a bike or touring, it is interesting to know which streets are those with greater exposure to risk. And based on the same, determining routes or walks. The most dangerous streets are the avenues Rivadavia, Corrientes, San Juan, Cordoba, Belgrano, Santa Fe and 9 de Julio.

Check in this map where to ride safely: Ciclovias.

And make sure to wear sunscreen :D


Behind the scenes at Home Hotel

Friday, it's a takeover @smithhotels all the way from sunny Buenos Aires @homehotelba #homehotel #homebuenosaires #buenosaires #smithsday #smithstagram

Friday, it’s a takeover @smithhotels all the way from sunny Buenos Aires @homehotelba #homehotel #homebuenosaires #buenosaires #smithsday #smithstagram

We have been showcased in Mr &  Mrs Smith’s “Takeover Friday”, in which one hotel of the collection is featured over a 24 hour period on Mr & Mrs Smith’s Instagram.

Home Hotel has been featured a couple of weeks ago. It was really great, since we had the chance to show different times of the day at Home Hotel, from the guest perspective as well as behind the scenes pictures.

Breakfast in the garden , a cooking chef, a maid doing turndown, the moodboard of Patricia’s office, Tom selecting music for the hotel from his very own collection: all glimpses of a day in Buenos Aires coolest hotel. Take a look:

City exploring can wait a bit longer. Pool calling @homehotelba. #oasisinthecity #homehotelbuenosaires #smithstagran #smithsday

City exploring can wait a bit longer. Pool calling @homehotelba. #oasisinthecity #homehotelbuenosaires #smithstagran #smithsday

Inspiration. Behind the scene @homehotelba #moodboards #homebuenosaires #homehotel #smithstagran #smithsday #lovemyjob

Inspiration. Behind the scene @homehotelba #moodboards #homebuenosaires #homehotel #smithstagran #smithsday #lovemyjob

More behind the scenes: music for every mood @homehotelba #tomsrecordcollection #homehotelbuenosaires #smithstagram #smithsday

More behind the scenes: music for every mood @homehotelba #tomsrecordcollection #homehotelbuenosaires #smithstagram #smithsday

Turndown time. More behind the scenes @homehotelba #homehotelbuenosaires #wehavetheloveliestmaids #smithstagram #smithsday

Turndown time. More behind the scenes @homehotelba #homehotelbuenosaires #wehavetheloveliestmaids #smithstagram #smithsday

Prepping for tapas. Time to head to the bar? @homehotelba #smithstagram #smithsday

Prepping for tapas. Time to head to the bar? @homehotelba #smithstagram #smithsday

Cocktail o'clock @homehotelba. Now ponder dinner options. Will it be steak, ceviche or modern argentine? All just steps from Home. #gastrochoices #palermohollywood #buenosaires #smithstagram #smithsday #cheers

Cocktail o’clock @homehotelba. Now ponder dinner options. Will it be steak, ceviche or modern argentine? All just steps from Home. #gastrochoices #palermohollywood #buenosaires #smithstagram #smithsday #cheers

Artist Rocio Coppola's hanging blue cloud looks fab at night #homeiswheretheartis #artinterventions #popupart @homehotelba #smithstagram #smithsday

Artist Rocio Coppola’s hanging blue cloud looks fab at night #homeiswheretheartis #artinterventions #popupart @homehotelba #smithstagram #smithsday

Well, the night is still young here in BA, but we must say good night. Thanks for sharing a #smithsday with us @homehotelba. And we hope to welcome you Home again soon. #bighugfrombuenosaires #homehotel #homebuenosaires. Big cheers to #smithstagram #hadlotsoffun.

Well, the night is still young here in BA, but we must say good night. Thanks for sharing a #smithsday with us @homehotelba. And we hope to welcome you Home again soon. #bighugfrombuenosaires #homehotel #homebuenosaires. Big cheers to #smithstagram #hadlotsoffun.

Being a sustainable hotel: environmentally-friendly business practices in the Buenos Aires hotel scene

environmentally-friendly Home Hotel

Home Hotel was the first boutique hotel in Buenos Aires to incorporate a ‘green side’ to running a business from the very beginning. Yes, we’re a trendy hotel that happens to be run in an eco manner, and we’re always on the lookout for new ways to become more sustainable.

That’s why we started to include some “green” features in all our rooms :

  1. Custom-made reusable pump dispensers for toiletries to reduce unnecessary disposal of plastics (Did you know?: the average hotel room otherwise discards six small plastic bottles per guest!).
  2. Individually-controlled gas central heating and air conditioning, and low wattage bulbs in the outside areas, to increase energy efficiency.
  3. Electricity cards which turn off the power when your room is empty, and motion sensors in the common areas, so that the lights will never be on when nobody’s home.
  4. Our own specially-developed natural toiletry products.
  5. Solar pannel system to heat the swimming pool.

These are some of the environmentally-friendly business practices we aimed to achieve. Whenever possible, we work with returnable and reusable packaging. We also work with a recycling cooperative, buy meat and other supplies locally, give away used towels and sheets and set aside used oil for bio-diesel.

Other initiatives include:

  • Separating Home’s rubbish at source into specific colours for plastic, cardboard, glass and organic waste, and working with local organisation El Ceibo, which collects and recycles it for profit. For example, they sell the plastics to an organisation which turns used plastics into fabrics.
  • Partnering with community-based company EcoVolta to ensure used batteries from TV remote controls and other electronics are recycled or disposed of properly, protecting the city water supply.
  • Donating plastic bottle tops to the Hospital Garrahan, which uses them in fundraising projects.
  • Donating out of use sheets and slippers to Hogar Buenos Aires, which provides foster care to 55 underprivileged children ( and  Fundación Si (
  • We are members of Responsible Tourism Network (
  • We adhere to the “Air Conditioners in 24º” policy of of the Responsible Tourism Network.

Home Hotel is proud to have pioneered ‘eco-design’ and to play an active role in the community. If you have an idea to help us run our business more sustainably, please let us know!

In your face! by Mario Testino


“In your face!”, the exhibition of one of the most influential photographers of the world, Mario Testino, is coming to town.

This exhibition combines his many years of work for fashion magazines as well as personal snapshots. It reflects the interaction of the mass media with the glamour and popular culture icons such as Kate Moss, Giselle Bundchen, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mick Jagger, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Brad Pitt and David Beckham, among others.

“In Your Face” offers a provocative inside look at some of today’s most elusive and exclusive subjects through the lens of renowned fashion and portrait photographer and Vogue and Vanity Fair contributor Mario Testino. Known for the elegance, beauty, style, irreverence, and contradiction of his images, Testino gives us a career retrospective arranged in compelling visual stories.

Mario Testino: In Your Face
From March 15th to June 16th, 2014 
Sala 5 (2nd floor) 
Avenida Figueroa Alcorta 3415 C1425CLA
Buenos Aires, Argentina
+54 (11) 4808-6500

Buenos Aires Market: a healthy deli & gourmet market

Buenos Aires Market

Buenos Aires Market is the largest and probably the nicest market that Buenos Aires has, specially dedicated to healthy foods .

It takes place during one weekend per month and recruits the main producers of organic and healthy foods of Argentina .

With free access , it offers the chance to taste and buy natural foods and beverages for a promotional price.

Buenos Aires Market has more than 60 participants, where producers offer their products, such as :

  • Oils
  • Beverages
  • Cereals and seeds
  • Spices
  • Nuts
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Flour and derivatives
  • Mushrooms and oyster mushrooms
  • Infusions
  • Vegetables
  • Dairy
  • Bakery
  • Jams and sweets
  • Flowers with gastronomic purposes
  • Pasta
  • Functional products
  • Aromatic plants
  • Snacks
  • Gluten-free products
  • Bakery

There is also a special auditorium where you can attend to lectures, workshops and cooking classes, all with free access.

You can also find a wide range of stools with all sorts of meals and you can have lunch or snack at the communal tables in the market, which are attended by the most distinguished chefs in the different varieties of this gastronomic stream (raw food, macrobiotic, organic vegan fast good, etc.).

Next edition is on February 22nd and 23rd, at Buenos Aires Market en El Dorrego, Zapiola 50, Palermo Hollywood.

A must visit for this weekend and is not cancelled if it rains. By the way, this is only 2 blocks away from Home Hotel! :D